Estate Planning

Last Will + Revocable Living Trust + Power of Attorney + Designation of Healthcare Surrogate + Living Will + Pet Trust

Sound like a lot of money?  A typical attorney will charge you over $1000 for these documents.  We have partnered with attorney’s to take care of all of these documents for less than $550.

Our partner has a revolutionary platform that helps you quickly and affordably create your own estate plan, using expert technology awarded for innovation by the American Bar Association. Founded by one of the nation’s leading estate planning law firms to address this massive market, as approximately two-thirds of Americans don’t have updated wills. This state-of-the-art software uses attorney know-how to eliminate the hassle and expense of a lawyer.

The result is a comprehensive product that generates the essential, state-specific documents – wills, trusts, powers of attorney, etc. – that can be completed online in about half an hour. These critical documents can then be stored in a secure, cloud-based LifeVault for convenient access or updating when life events occur.

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