Founder of the Financially Sassy Women's Club (FSWC)

Passionate about empowering women to succeed, Chris Quintana is a Financial Professional and Founder of the Financially Sassy Women’s Club (FSWC). The FSWC provides women with the education, support and accountability they need to make better financial decisions, gain control of their lives and plan for their futures.

Real Estate Investor

Chris owns a real estate investment company, Q&M Properties, and operates the Financially Sassy Women’s Agency, a network of financial professionals who help our clients, primarily women, find appropriate financial solutions and strategies that meet their needs. Chris teaches clients her “Safe Money Strategy” and supports them in creating a Personal Income Plan designed to help them succeed.

Money Makeover For The Financially Sassy Woman

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Personal Financial Literacy for Women

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Passionate about empowering women to succeed, Chris is Founder of the Financially Sassy Women’s Club (FSWC) The online facebook provides women with the education, support, daily tips and reminders they need to make better financial decisions, gain control of their lives and plan for their futures. Each member receives a complimentary Strategy Session with one of our Sassy Coaches.

A la Carte Services

Every client is unique, so there is no one-size-fits-all product or offering.

If you don't need coaching but know what you need you can speak with me or one of our other Licensed Professionals and we will provide you with the guidance you need to get on the path to a smooth financial future.

If you are an employer and looking for the key to having healthy and productive employees, we offer onsite training and financial workshops. This is a great service to offer your employees.


Are you sick of saying "this is my year" and getting to the end of the year again and still in the same place financially?

If you answered 'YES" It sounds like it's time for a money coach.  Many people hire a personal coach when they want results with their body. My clients hire me when they want to see results with their money situation. I reveal the pot of gold they are sitting on because most have been irresponsible, afraid and living a disempowering money story. I help them become financially SASSY, successful and leverage the money they had no clue they have.


What People Are Saying

“Hi, my name is Shari and I am currently working with Chris Q and the Financially Sassy Women’s Club. I met Chris about a year ago at a networking event and have followed her on Facebook. Each week she posts great tidbits about saving and investing. ” Read More Shari- Ga Insurance Agency Owner

“I’ve been working with Chris for a few months, and she’s been taking me on a trip. I’ve traveled from a place of complete money cluelessness to a place of money confidence. I know the journey is just beginning and I’m a bit late to the game, but…..her coaching has moved me from fear, and complete financial paralysis, to a position of hopefulness, and strategy.” Read More Shawn- Flight Attendent

“I am a recently separated mom of 2 daughters. I was introduced to Chris and the FSWC by a friend who knew my circumstances and it was the very beginning of the split. Chris has helped me to move forward in my life where I thought things were just OVER for me. How can I start again? Where would I begin if I could? ” Read More Jennifer- So Cali. Massage and Breakthrough therapist


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