How would it feel to be debt-free and financially independent? Who wouldn’t want to have that extra cash on hand to go on a dream vacation or walk in any store, any showroom floor, any jeweler, any mall any means of consumerism, and make any purchase you choose without guilt or fear to your financial future?  Or who wouldn’t want to feed the orphans on TV commercials, helping those babies with cancer or just knowing you are making a difference in something that you are passionate about…

They say “money is power”. Money can represent power, freedom, choices, however, money can also be a very painful subject and  some people have shame around money and think of it as a “dirty word.” I mean isn’t money the beginning of all evil? I mean isn’t that even what the Bible says? No, the root of all evil is the “love” of money, in other words, greed! And let’s just be very clear, people have done the most atrocious things on this planet probably behind the “love of money, and greed,” But that’s a topic for another conversation. We just know that at minimal, money is a necessary evil for us all. The world is scaled to buy and sell with money. We all need money.

Where are you at in your money story and is it just a story? Are you in debt and starting to believe you’ll be in debt your entire life? Now, this is a horrible feeling and this is where the “money shame” starts to come into play when we run that old tape over and over in our heads of fear, of the lack of money! This breeds that lack mentality and poverty mindset that is very much a limiting belief, that will scale back your dreams and ambitions and eventually your pocket or pocketbook if you do not become open to the possibilities of your financial future, having a future because there are ways to find money, to make money and to make your very own money work for you!

If not It’s a vicious cycle. I know you want to be completely debt-free and financially independent. It seems that no matter how much money you make, you will never have enough. You feel like you are doing everything in your power to get out of this hole you are in  … Don’t give up… You do have options!  It’s just that YOU Don’t know what You don’t know. Let’s start with FINDING THE MONEY!

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