How It All Started….

I grew up in a world where women until this day aren’t equal to men, in a world where I always saw men overrule women and get what they want. I’ve witnessed while working in corporate America how women get mistreated, underpaid and under-recognized. It is evident to me that our opportunities are not equal because of one simple fact… gender

When I started in the financial services industry, it seemed like a man’s world. There is more money to be made in this industry than any other, and I wanted more women to have this opportunity. The opportunity to have more, create more, earn more and have a shot to make their dreams come true.

I always knew that anyone, with the “right” information and tools, can become whom they aspire to be. I knew because that’s precisely what happened with me….. I finally found the right path. I decided to start a financial company. (Money Network Pros) We are disrupting the old school financial industry and building a new one. I found our focus was predominately on women. The fact is more women are needed in the industry. With that realization, we changed the name to FSW and started focusing solely on women and their families. We partner with other licensed financial professionals to provide the needed tools.

When I was young I heard the saying “Money is the root of all evil.” For some reason, I bought into that. I was afraid to make too much money until I came to realize it’s GREED, not the money that makes people evil. I discovered that having more money allowed me to finally have options and be able to make a more significant difference in this world…
I’ve become more ambitious… ambitious to help other women change their lives and have OPTIONS. Money is a tool that gives a person options.

The more I learn, the more I know that the industry is rigged against us. I want to shout to the world all the secrets I’ve learned. Many financial professionals use “jargon” when it could be said very simply. Instead, it causes intimidation which causes confusion which causes paralysis. The less we know, the more the system makes. I realize we needed to start educating the general population on what is available to them and help them to understand what it is costing them to stay in the dark.

That is when the FSWC movement started. Our mission is to educate and help the overlooked.
This movement is my gift to women, and what I am most proud of. The women I have helped have changed their financial future. I have created opportunities for women they wouldn’t have known were available to them. This is indeed a Gift of FREEDOM.
I’m also extremely proud of the partnerships with the amazing women that have been developed. Everyone that I have chosen to align with has the same integrity, rules to live by, commitment, standards of excellence as myself.

I am always looking to connect and partner with women of this caliber to bring strength, confidence, and freedom to others. If this sounds like you and you get “this” movement, please feel free to reach out to me by filling out the “contact me” form below. We are changing our world and the lives of many. I love the saying “ONE woman can make a difference, but TOGETHER we can rock the world.”  FSWC isn’t all about me. I’ve never thought that it was. The world needs to be inspired and moved into action by people who want to change it and make it better.

My commitment to you is to be your coach to guide you and help you create an action plan that gets you from where you are to where you want to be.- Chris

UPDATE- CQ Consulting Services for all your financial needs has been formed to help with the TOTAL GAME PLAN 

Our team includes:

Tax Accountants – Estate Planners – Tax Free Retirement Specialist – Life Insurance Agents


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