The fastest way to do well with money is to manage what you have well, because, it doesn’t matter if you’re managing $100,000, $1,000, $100, $10, $1 or 10 cents. All that matters is you learn money management skills. Because no matter what level of money you are managing you want to spend well and save well. We all do. That’s the goal of our money to have the power and freedom to live the lives we want to live and live it well.

Every minute you spend planning and learning to manage your money is saving you ten minutes and money down the road. I have found for me with just a few steps and some organization I can better manage and control my finances and put my money to work for myself. I have found that either I tell my money what to do or the lack of money will always manage and control my life instead of me. I choose not to live in lack and fear and to have my money organized so I don’t have any surprises that can derail my life.

Being a money Coach has really taught me the vital lesson of having a Spending Plan, and a SYA (save your a**) plan because I like financial freedom and having my heart and mind free from worry about the “what if’s of life!” With just a little planning and organizing of my finances, I came to truly appreciate financial freedom and you can too. Because wealth isn’t about having a lot of money it is about having a lot of options.

I would love to have a conversation with you and help you put a simple plan together for you and your money so you too can live with freedom filled financial future. Reach out to me here for a complimentary strategy session to get your money working for you!

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