Here Are the Final Steps to Taking Control of Your Financial Future

Can you really change your entire financial future in just 10 easy steps?
I certainly think so… which is why I wrote, “10 Steps to Become Financially Sassy”. If you
haven’t picked up your free one-sheet guide, you can download it here
This is the last of my 3 articles describing each of the 10 steps more in depth. If you haven’t
read the first 2 articles, you can find them here and here.

Before we jump into steps 7-10, let’s do a quick recap of the first 6 steps:
1. A Man is Not a Financial Plan
2. Increase Your Financial IQ
3. Don’t Let Anyone Tell You What to Do With Your Money
4. Learn How to Make a Spending Plan
5. Give Yourself a Raise
6. Invest in Yourself
I hope you’ve taken action on each of the first 6 steps, but now it’s time to finish up…

7. Never Give Up
When you’re first learning, saving, and investing, it can seem like you’re not making any
progress. But I promise you are.
Every little action you take adds up to a bigger base of knowledge. The more you know about
money and finances, the further ahead you’ll get.
In no time, you’ll look up and see you’ve been able to reach one of the financial goals you’ve set
for yourself.
Let’s say one of your goals is to set $250 a month aside for savings. When you start out and
make your first budget, you may think there’s no way you can even save $50, let alone $250.
But as you progress, track your spending, learn, and grow, you’ll see the money seems to
almost come out of nowhere.
Suddenly, you’ve found extra money in your budget. Maybe you cut back on your afternoon
coffee, or the gym membership you only use once or twice per month.
Before you know it, you’ve met a goal. And you will start the snowball effect of learning and

8. Forgive Yourself For Having Debt
It’s the American Way of Life. We borrow money we don’t have for stuff we don’t need.
But if you’ve spent your adult life piling up debt, make a commitment to yourself you won’t take
on any more debt… and start to tackle the debt you do have.
Just like gaining weight, it doesn’t happen overnight. And unfortunately, you can’t wipe it out
overnight either.
But if you remember back to step #4, the dreaded “B” word — budgeting — you’ll have a much
better idea of where all of your money goes. So by tackling your bills one at a time, before you
know it — they’ll be history.
And you’ll join the ranks of the minority of Americans who don’t have ANY consumer debt. Just
imagine how great that is going to feel!
Once you have paid off your debt, you can really kick your savings into high gear.

9. Don’t Do This Alone
OK… I’m going to make a bit of a shameless plug here. I started Financially Sassy Woman to
help YOU. So let me help you.
I’ve had friends who made really great salaries who still lived paycheck to paycheck. I had a
friend who lost her job within weeks of her husband losing his job and it was devastating.
Because they didn’t have a plan and knew almost nothing about money, investing, and
finances, despite making over $100,000 per year.
The Financially Sassy Women’s Club lets you talk to and learn from women just like you, in
similar situations.
You learn EVERYTHING you need to know from our Certified Coaches. The goal of each of our
members is to learn. And FSW Clubs provide a place for you to talk openly and ask questions.
Learning to take control of your financial future can be intimidating… but it doesn’t have to be.
10. Do Not Let Your Past Dictate Your Future
As I mentioned in step #8… you didn’t get to where you are today, overnight. But you can learn
from the past.

Everybody makes mistakes! You aren’t a failure until you quit on yourself. So never stop
Join Financially Sassy Woman and let’s start your money journey.
You can always email me at
I can’t wait to hear from you.
I hope you enjoyed learning about these 10 steps. And if you know ANYONE who may benefit,
please forward these articles to them as well.

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