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…. when I’m not motivating women to take control of their future.

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… a little peek into my life when I’m not inspiring women to take control of their finances.

It’s not all about money.  Everyone knows that. You can have all the money in the world but if you aren’t happy or you are sick it doesn’t matter. I want to share a little of what I have been able to experience because I was able to get my finances under control. But, it hasn’t always been this way. If you are expecting to see a big extravagant house and fancy cars you won’t find it here.  NOT because I haven’t been able to afford them. I’ve been told that I need these prestigious “things” because it will show I am successful.  I’m not into impressing people with “things.”

Because I choose to spend my money differently.  Instead of having “those particular things”,  I have several investment properties and other investments that bring money in passively every month whether I work or not.  To me, money is a tool that gives me CHOICES.

No, I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in mouth.  Far from it.  I had good parents and a loving family that always tried their best.  Over the years I’ve learned we can only do the best with what we have. Because of certain experiences in my life, I actually lived in a self-created prison.  I eventually realized this prison was unlocked the entire time. I had allowed myself to be victim to the fear of judgment, failure, and feeling “less than”.

I am not longer a victim to experiences in my life that could have taken me down.  I am a survivor! I’ve been taken advantage of by people that I should have been able to trust like family, friends, business coaches and even financial advisors. I have experienced closed doors and opened doors but I FINALLY realized that all of this has made me who I am today. Bad experiences in life can make or break us.  I have been stretched beyond what I knew was possible for me. I realize that the trials we all face give us endurance so I am thankful for my life. 

 Now I can help others attain their dreams without some of the mishaps and unfortunate expensive mistakes I’ve made along the way.

There is a freshness in the air and a sparked purpose in my life.  I know many people out in the world suffer in silence. I have put down the armor that I put on to keep people out and no longer feel unsafe and insecure in this world. I want you to know that if I can do it, you can too.

Now I am committed to serving anyone who wants to learn what I know because I BELIEVE IN THE VALUE I have been given to be the change I wish to see in the world!

I don’t know what negative things you are dealing with… but I do know this:

Don’t ever let anyone put you in the corner – not even yourself.  We can be our own worst enemy.






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