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Girlfriends Wine & Dime Workshops

Hosting workshops across Atlanta and the United States, Chris specializes in educating women on a span of financial topics, giving them the knowledge, tools, and confidence necessary to earn more money as well as save and grow their wealth. She has a remarkable ability to deliver complex financial information, products, and strategies..


Financial Review

Speak with one of our experts to review your financials.  We are partnered with several of the largest companies in the world to help you maximize your personal situation through high-performance tax-free retirement plans among many other guaranteed investments.

We are an education and self-improvement driven company.

Please fill out the form and once it is reviewed, myself or one of our qualified partners will be in contact with you.

Debt Management

Are you sick of the stress, depression, and anxiety caused by your debt? Do you feel overwhelmed by unmanageable debt?  If you are tired of being harassed by the debt collectors?  Is your credit so bad you can’t even get a loan to consolidate?


Tax Solutions

Wealthy people are using strategies aka hacks that are available to everyone.  Not everyone uses them because they simply haven’t been made aware of them.  I want to change this!

Life Insurance Review

Is your family protected? Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Will your life insurance pay you cash if you become critically or chronically ill?  By reviewing your existing life insurance policy, you may be able to save hundreds if not thousands per year.


The best person to direct the details regarding your legacy, assets, children and medical decisions isn’t the court. It’s YOU!

We will guide you using wealth transfer strategies designed to help you transfer assets in the most tax-advantaged ways possible.

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