I’ve been working with Chris for a few months, and she’s been taking me on a trip. I’ve traveled from a place of complete money cluelessness to a place of money confidence. I know the journey is just beginning and I’m a bit late to the game, but…..her coaching has moved me from fear, and complete financial paralysis, to a position of hopefulness, and strategy. I’m so grateful that she has the heart, and “know how” to help women heal financially. Knowledge is power, and God knows, I needed to get my power back! Thanks Chris, I hope to be a success story someday, and an inspiration to others, as you have been to me!

Shawn- GA- Flight Attendant

Hi, my name is Shari and I am currently working with Chris Q and the Financially Sassy Women’s Club. I met Chris about a year ago at a networking event and have followed her on Facebook. Each week she posts great tidbits about saving and investing. As a business owner of a growing business, I knew I needed a more disciplined approach to saving and investing so all my hard work would take care of me in the future. After seeing the excitement in a post of one of her clients, it gave me the incentive to connect with Chris to see if she could help me. I was not disappointed. She walked with me step by step and helped me understand the importance of compiling all your financial information in one place so you can access where you are and ultimately where you want to go. Each week, my homework assignment built on what I learned the week before and I began to make steady progress. I now have a plan in place to consistently save and the best part about it is that she showed me how to set it up automatically. I am half way through her program and cannot wait to learn more about how to manage my money. I am glad I took the proactive step in managing my finances before it’s too late! Thanks again Chris for all you do to help women be Financially Sassy!

Shari-   GA- Insurance Agency Owner

I am a recently separated mom of 2 daughters. I was introduced to Chris and the FSWC by a friend who knew my circumstances and it was the very beginning of the split. Chris has helped me to move forward in my life where I thought things were just OVER for me. How can I start again? Where would I begin if I could? I started with the book and that started me on the track to organizing my bills, debts, income, goals, etc. into one place. Then I had a few online meetings with Chris to get financial advice. I am now currently working toward being debt free with a very clear action plan towards my goals. I am a massage therapist so my income is sporadic. Chris helped me to find monthly leaks in my expenditures and create ways for more income to get where I want to be quicker. I am a strong believer that with Chris as an accountability partner and coach anyone can get out of their rut and find peace of mind for their future.

Jennifer- So. Ca – Massage & Breakthrough Therapist

I’ve known Chris for over 10 years and I’ve always known her to be good with
money. Through the years she would share different financial tips and tricks with
me, but I wasn’t ready to hear what she said until recently. As the saying goes,
“When the student is ready the teacher will appear.” Chris has been so patient
with me as I slowly but surely rewrite my money story.
She makes it easy to get on the right track, but at the same time doesn’t sugar
coat things. Chris tells it like it is. Get ready to be comfortable being
uncomfortable. I had to get out of my comfort zone to make positive money
changes. Chris is with me every step of the way. I was so excited when she
offered ways to save money when paying credit cards off. (Going to save me a little over $10k and 15 years of payback time. She also reminded me about ways to make extra money. Chris has taught me strategies to start growing my money tax-free.  She gives the right amount of information not to confuse a person. 
Once you finally want to take control of your money, you will be thankful you
decided to have Chris in your boat to help navigate the financial waters.

Thank you so much Chris!

Angela- Denver Freelance Journalist

Your coaching has benefited me in many ways!  Even though I was responsible with my money habits when I was single, being married to an entrepreneur who has never made a steady income,  our entire marriage has been quite a challenge for me in many ways. When I’m overwhelmed with the devastation of my finances, your able to refocus me and show me what the next step is that I need to take.  Today seeing the Credit Karma app was a big deal for me. Even though my credit score has dropped significantly, you showed me how just taking care of a few things could really make a difference and raise my score.   Seeing the auto log today in my financial planner & the way you explained the importance of using it has really changed my perspective on maintenance for my van too. Your continued encouragement gives me the confidence that I really can do this!

Thank You for being so patient in the midst of my circumstances & for believing in me!

 You are amazing!

  Trisha– Ga. De-clutter & Organization Coach

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